Weekly RoundUp: Saint Parrish, NXLL, Xiamara Jennings, and more.

Introducing Weekly RoundUp’s! Weekly RoundUp’s gives our readers a chance to catch up on new music, old music, and underground/independent artist quickly in under 5 minutes.

Saint Parrish x Faded

Saint Parrish released a new track, Faded, on November 5th. The title of the song is self explanatory, so you should already know what the song is about. The beat alone gives off a nice relaxing vibe and the lyrics pushes it over the top. Faded can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

Dom Kennedy X Rap n Roll (Deluxe Album)

On September 25th, Dom Kennedy dropped the deluxe version of his latest project Rap n Roll. The project as a whole has a heavy influence from California in regards to the sound, but Kennedy even slid in some slowed and reverbed tracks such as No Cell Phones. Stream Rap n Roll – Deluxe on Spotify and Apple Music.

Tiana Major9 X Think About You (Lover’s Mix)

On October 30th, Tiana Major9 released a Lover’s Mix to her latest single Think About You. The track has a very diverse sound, the beat has a tropical vibe to it while Tiana‘s vocals resembles the vocalist Jazmine Sullivan. Stream Think About You (Lover’s Mix) on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Xiamara Jennings x Protect Your Inner G

On November 6th, Xiamara Jennings released her second project, Protect Your Inner G. The project embodies who Xiamara is perfectly, an eclectic and peaceful soul. Each track is intended to evoke a different feeling and it’s beautifully and carefully pieced together. Stream Protect Your Inner G on Spotify.

Ensilence x Holistic

On October 7th, Ensilence released a sensual track entitled Holistic. The song has a song sexual and affectionate presence to it and is bound to immediately put you in a romantic mood. Stream Holistic on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

NXLL X Animal

On October 30th, Nxll released his latest single Animal. The track is hard-hitting, infectious, and confidence imbuing. Even though the song has a dark sound to it, it’s definitely an ego-booster. Stream Animal on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Jean Deaux X Watch This! (Deluxe)

On October October 30th, Jean Deaux dropped the deluxe version to her latest project Watch This! As always, Jean Deaux has raw lyricism and was accompanied by amazing artists like Yung Baby Tate. Stream Watch This! on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

And that’s a wrap for our Weekly RoundUp, see you next week!

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