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A Networking Platform For Entertainers: Entertwine

As we all may know, entertainment is a very hard industry to break into. Wether you want to be a singer, dancer, actor, or model, the competition is always there and major opportunities are more and more scarce. However, Kyiana Williams has developed a platform to tackle this problem head on.

While living in China, trying to finish a script, Williams was searching the internet for another Black creative to help complete her project. She searched for any type of communication hub for creatives but never found one. This is when the idea of Entertwine was birthed.

Williams graduated from NYU with a degree in Dramatic Writing and experienced the difficulties of the entertainment industry first hand. The purpose of developing Entertwine was to bring diverse and talented artists together in one place.

The platform began to develop in October of 2019 after Williams met Gregory Ortonomy, a computer engineer with several years of experience. 

Entertwine could be described as a linkedin for artists in the entertainment industry. It is a social media platform to help young, aspirational, and professional entertainment artists to create more work in Film, Television, and Theatre. The platform also provides a space for these artists to communicate, collaborate, find resources and also, find each other.

Entertwine is such a cool and innovative platform that allows for so many different conversations to be held. You can speak about the newest trends in Film and different shows on broadway while networking and building connections with people in the same field as you. 

With this platform, you can create interactive posts that includes videos, images, links, and even polls to really engage with the Entertwine community.

Entertwine will be fully launching on November 1st 2020, be sure to join their Facebook and Instagram launch party!

To get in touch with Kyiana Williams, feel free to reach out via email kyiana.kywi@gmail.com

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