PaperTrail: saib.

Although amazing songwriting and vocals are highly valued in the music industry, the beats and production that complete the songs can be the most beautiful pieces of music themselves. Our next artist is no stranger to the concept of focusing solely on beats to deliver an amazing audio experience. This week PaperTag travels to Casablanca, Morocco, to highlight producer and solo-guitarist saib.

saib. specializes in a popular new genre of music called Lofi Hip-Hop. His style revolves around jazzy hip-hop beats with subtle Japanese influences, similarly to Japanese producer Nujabes. saib. has been making music for over 5 years, releasing music on both Bandcamp and SoundCloud. His most popular single was In Your Arms, which was released on November 2016.

Because he has been in the music industry for so long, he has many albums and EPs that highlight a variety of sounds and style; therefore, we will focus on 3 essential albums for new listeners. His first commercial EP was entitled Buena Vista and was released in 2017. Standout tracks from this EP include A Woman and Sakura Trees. Soothing and with enough bass to keep you awake, Buena Vista is an amazing EP that wonderfully introduced saib. to the world.

Drawing inspiration from hit anime series Cowboy Bebop, saib. released an album in 2017 entitled Bebop. Based on the source material, this album contains songs with a groovy jazz vibe to give homage to the anime. Bebop contains amazing songs like Bebop Lounge, Spike Spiegel, and Jet Black. This album is a treat for new listeners and long-time fans alike, and this aspect is what adds to saib.‘s charm.

Released in 2018, saib.‘s most recent full album, entitled Escapade, is full of amazing songs and beats to enjoy. The charm of this album is found in its simplicity. Escapade contains relaxing songs to unwind to with subtle Japanese sounds in the background. The most enjoyable tracks on this album are Harpin, Judy, Find My Way, Together, and She Smiles. This album excels as one of saib.‘s best projects!

Stream saib.‘s music, and join us next week for another edition of PaperTrail!

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