PaperTrail: BenjiFlow

Underground talent is everywhere; it’s just a matter of finding it in the right places. PaperTag proudly returns to England to highlight another local talent making waves within the music industry. We have virtually traveled to North London in order to introduce you to the talented R&B artist BenjiFlow.

VERSATILE. This is one very appropriate word to describe BenjiFlow‘s style. BenjiFlow grew up in a musical Caribbean family and also played keyboards in church. This Edmonton artist emerged on the music scene in 2018. BenjiFlow can be described as grime-meets-hip-hop; however, he also incorporates elements of Afrobeats and even Brazilian samba within his music. Energetic and addicting, his music attracts a wide audience of listeners due to his hypnotic beats and beautiful singing voice.

BenjiFlow released his amazingly self-produced debut single Deep End in 2018. Because he studied music technology in university, his talents are on full display in his debut single. Because the production is so amazing, listeners are draw into the song within the first 10 seconds. This song became an overnight hit on the Internet and made him known within his community. Along with being well-produced, his songwriting abilities are on full display. For example, in this song, he discusses the relationship between temptation and desire.

In 2019, BenjiFlow released his follow-up singles Can’t Lose and Somebody. Both singles contain elements of Brazilian samba, which greatly energizes his songs. Like we indicated before, BenjiFlow is very versatile. He has an innate ability to make any song or style his own, which makes him stand out among all other artists within his genre.

On March 13, 2020, BenjiFlow released his debut EP BENERGY. This EP contains all his previous singles, including one he released earlier this year entitled Jolene. BENERGY is and energetic and complete project at only 20 minutes long. His project proudly introduces him to the world and demonstrates who he is and where he can go: UP! You can definitely expect great things from BenjiFlow in the near future. However, the best way to truly believe us is to give him a listen yourself!

Stream BenjiFlow‘s music, and join us next week for another edition of PaperTrail!

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