It’s Our Anniversary! Celebrate With Bumpin’ Vol. 7

The first of the month is always special here at PaperTag, but this month is extra special. Not only do you get to enjoy the wonderful monthly playlist we call Bumpin’, but you also get to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! We’re so grateful and honored for all of the support that you guys have given us. Wether that’s through donations, purchasing merchandise, sharing our site with your friends, or interacting with us on social media, nothing is unseen.

So today, we present to you Bumpin’ Volume 7. As always, this playlist is full hidden gems by unknown and known artist and we hope that you enjoy it.

Stream Bumpin’ Volume 7 on Spotify and SoundCloud.

PaperTag offers all of our content for free. To support us, feel free to donate or purchase merchandise.

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