PaperTrail: Jane Macgizmo

This week for our PaperTrail series, we are travelling to Jamaica to highlight a local, talented artist. The artist featured this week is none other than singer and songwriter Jane Macgizmo.

Jane Macgizmo, whose real name is Denieze Anderson, was born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica, and she primarily works within the indie reggae genre. Macgizmo‘s music commemorates her rich history and deep love for Jamaica. She claims Natalie Cole, Erykah Badu, and Janelle Monae as her main musical influences. Because she draws inspiration from these powerful women and even more powerful songwriters, her style is smooth and sultry reggae.

Macgizmo released her debut single Babylon in 2016 to widespread admiration and support. Because her debut single was so successful, BET SOUL regularly aired the music video for Babylon. Her song urges people “free from Babylon,” meaning to release yourself from the things that hold you back. Beautifully produced and performed, Babylon is an amazing introduction to Jane Macgizmo. One year later, she released her dancehall-infused pop song Too Late, which discusses the difficulties of finding love in one’s 20s. Her song captures the raw emotion felt when dating the wrong person while the right person is closer than they think. Like the title suggests, she feels that she is too late to win back that person’s love. Too Late is another amazing hit within her discography.

Another year later, Macgizmo released her energetic and bass-heavy third single One Away. This single commercially put her on the map due to its strong support on streaming platforms. One Away proves that Macgizmo is versatile with all genres of music. Talented and always looking to push her career to the next level, Macgizmo surrounds herself with amazing artists and producers to preserve the quality of her music.

Since the release of her first three singles, she has released two amazing singles, and she was featured on Koffee‘s Grammy-winning album Rapture – EP. Due to Macgizmo‘s amazing singing voice and wonderful songwriting, her career within the music industry is looking bright. Although she does not have any EPs or albums available yet, her many single are enough to keep anyone satiated.

Stream Jane Macgizmo‘s music to further fall in love with this Jamaican artist!

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