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PaperTrail: SOMADINA

PaperTag has implemented a new way to highlight underground artists from all across the world, and it’s called PaperTrail. This idea was implemented by staff member Jamal Jordan, to further emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion within the underground community. We hope you enjoy this amazing addition to our platform.

This week PaperTag travels to Lagos, Nigeria for our latest entry of PaperTrail. This week, we highlight one of Nigeria’s own amazing R&B artists, SOMADINA!

SOMADINA was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but she frequently travels back and forth from Lagos to the UK. According to her blog, SOMADINA became a feminist advocate due to gender inequality within her own community. Because the hip-hop industry has a habit of putting other female artists against each other, SOMADINA vows to get rid of the notion that only one female artist can be the best since the music industry is large enough to sustain all female artists. SOMADINA surrounds herself with female creators like Danielle Mbonu and other artists who support each others success in their respective fields.

SOMADINA‘s earliest known body of work was her single entitled IHY, which was recorded in 2018. This song highlights her amazing vocal range and skills as a songwriter. IHY functions as a breakup song and also demonstrates the complexity of love. One year later, she released her followup track entitled Lay Low featuring Orinayo. Both artists deliver a heartfelt and powerful performance about hearts left unmended and wounds left unhealed. SOMADINA‘s songwriting abilities is poetic and vulnerable. She writes her feelings and emotions in a way that doesn’t feel pushed; her songwriting is raw, and it is real.

Another year later, on February 13, 2020, SOMADINA released her debut EP Five Stages. Her EP highlights the five stages of grief and the complexities of loving and losing. This five-track EP is masterful due to her songwriting paired with her impressive vocals. This project is raw and emotional, and the best part of her EP is how relatable it is. Her message has a wide reach over anyone who has ever gone through love and loss, mainly because her EP highlights that healing process.

Be on the lookout for this upcoming talent from Lagos, Nigeria!

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