Ryan Trey Shares Emotional Track “Rollin”

We're not crying ... you are.

Not everything is sweet, and R&B artist Ryan Trey let’s us know that. The artist has such a diverse catalogue that you’re bound to have different emotions invoked while listening to various tracks.

With his first single of the year, Trey shares a heart wrenching song Rollin. The song was initially hinted at on July 7th via Trey‘s instagram profile. On July 10th, the artist officially announced the release of the single and published the song on all streaming platforms.

Listening to lyrics like “You give a smile to me, but you talkin’ slick and you lyin’, baby (So) Just hurt me, that’s fine” and “You done “let me get him angry out of spite” bitter Yeah, I’ve been missin’ on it, just to pass time“, is bound to make you think about your ex or even your current partner. Might even make you cry.

If the song alone didn’t make you feel any sort of pain, Trey accompanied the release of the single with a music video. There’s absolutely no way that this song doesn’t put you in your feelings.

Stream Rollin on Spotify

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