LOELASH Releases New Sound “CHAOS”

The producers are taking over.

Producers are taking the music industry by storm and making it known that the sounds are just as important as the vocals. One of those producers is London based multi-instrumentalist, LOELASH.

On July 10th, the producer announced via social media platforms the release of his newest single CHAOS. Through Instagram, LOELASH generated over 200 impressions from his excited fanbase.

LOELASH himself defines the song as a “genre-bending track powered by a mixture of multifarious genres (future beats, neo garage, baile funk). It defines my acknowledgement of these new influences that have played such an important role in the development of my music”.

The track will definitely get you moving, as it is electric and energizing to the soul.

On June 18th, LOELASH released a set of remixes through his BandCamp account called BAILE EDITS. All of the proceeds will be going towards Kwanda, a village for those who want to build reliable and empowering systems for black communities.

Stream CHAOS on Spotify and SoundCloud

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