Terrell Hines Advocates For Black Lives In New Single Featuring Vince Staples

An upcoming rapper from Georgia, Terrell Hines reached back into his discography and remixed his 2019 track Get Up and featured Compton native Vince Staples. The song was changed to reflect the largest civil right movement in history, Black Lives Matter.

With lyrics like “Movin’ with the jackals and hangin’ with the junkies, Fuck the government ’cause they never gonna love me” and “I say what I want, I’m not P.C You know black folks killed when police, please Just seen one on the TV, Make about three this week“, the artists make direct connections to what is happening within and outside the United States as it pertains to police brutality and murder towards Black people.

The original song, without Vince Staples, has a music video that was released in 2019. Even though what has been released recently is slightly different, it still holds the same power and message behind the words.

Stream Get Up on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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