“7th 7amurai: Psalms For Blind Jazz Pianists” Is A Game Changer

Expect the unexpected.

By the title of the album you may have your own ideas about the sound, but it’s definitely something you would not have expected.

OG Bey Harris is a Carolina based rapper with a discography dating back to early 2019. The rapper has released multiple projects like Caged Bird and a few singles such as Melancholy Mood.

On June 8th, Harris announced the release of his third project, 7th 7amurai: Psalms For Blind Jazz Pianists. The project is made in collaboration with producer Toni Toni Choppah. The project has already accumulated over 12k streams on Spotify and is quickly becoming apart of OG Bey Harris‘s most popular songs.

There’s few words that can be put together to describe the sounds from this project due to its uniqueness and diversity. But what we can say about it is that it’s definetly a game changer.

Stream 7th 7amurai: Psalms For Blind Jazz Pianists on Spotify.

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