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Get into Bari with these top 10 essential songs.

Here at PaperTag, we LOVE Bari!

Bari is an upcoming artist from St. Louis with a talent like none other. Bari has found success and acclaim working with artists within his former label, Zero Fatigue, and he has added his vocal talents to songs like “Z4L” with Smino and Jay 2 and “Interstellar” with Monte Booker. However, as a solo artist, Bari has given us multiple certified bangers, He has the power to give energy to every song he performs, which prompts the question: Why doesn’t everyone know him?

We understand it is hard to discover amazing new underground artists to enjoy. However, at PaperTag, we do the research so you don’t have to. Here are 10 essential songs, in no particular order, for new Bari listeners and for those interested in following a new, upcoming artist.

1. “Protein”

Bari got together with Monte Booker to create “Protein“. Wonderfully produced and overall energetic, “Protein” is bound to have you bouncing your head or dance. Whenever Bari and Monte Booker come together, magic is created. Imagine listening to this in your car with the stereo blasting. Bari excels at creating songs with bass to accompany his voice. If you want to shake a room, play “Protein“!


Tortas” is just a cool song. You can tell by the energy in the beginning of the song that Bari was having a good time with this one. “Tortas” comes from Bari‘s 2018 EP “The Prefix“. The production of this song is guaranteed to have you bouncing in your seat. “Bari” and “bangers” go together like peanut butter and jelly. Try keeping your head still while listening to this song! Let us know if you were successful because we were not.


From his debut album”MSTRGLSS“, Bari hypes us up with “RELAX“. Sometimes, artists just need a song to flex their success, and that’s exactly what Bari did. They tried to tarnish him, but they failed miserably! The biggest flex is proving haters wrong. Bari is now doing big things and going big places. The only way he can go is up, and this song proves to us that Bari deserves to be among great mainstream artists: doing his thing and getting the recognition he deserves.

4.”Get It Today”

“Get It Today” comes from Bari‘s most recent recent mixtape “Neva Look Back“. “Get It Today” is energetic and one of the coolest songs on his project. Bari can never make a bad song, and each one has its own unique flow and personality, which is made abundantly clear with “Get It Today” Fast-paced and upbeat, you can listen to this song as you do your quarantine workouts. We guarantee you will not regret it!


One of his most recent singles, “Delirious” is hypnotic! This song is great for creating that ideal vibe alone or with friends. It’s easy to get lost in the production and be hypnotized by Bari‘s voice. If you’re a Travis Scott fan, we’re certain you will enjoy “Delirious” by Bari. Unique, yet familiar. Bari captures a wide variety of styles with this song that work perfectly in harmony with each other.


Glacier” is ice cold! Bari creates an amazing song that showcases his trademark flow. Like all Zero Fatigue artists, his flow is impeccable, and “Glacier” is guaranteed to get you moving. Bari can’t lose! He can do this in his underoos. No library is complete without “Glacier” by Bari. “Glacier” is perfect for those chill events with friends or just driving down the highway at night.


ICE CUP” is a chill song to vibe to, alone or with a group of friends. Bari spares no time in glorifying the life he lives. On this song, he feels like the King of the world. At this point, he might as well be the king of the world! You would feel the same way if you could turn your cash into green confetti! The production in this song is superb, so we heavily recommend that you give it a listen.


Complete with a feature from label mate Jay2, “Frosty” is a certified banger. Bari and Jay2 keep the energy high, which makes it difficult for anyone to stay still while listening to this song. We can see why he uses a plethora of ice metaphors: his flow is one of the coldest! Jay2 compliments this song almost perfectly. We expected nothing less from former Zero Fatigue label mate and upcoming talent, as well.


Produced by PRODXVZN, “CHUBBY” is a standout track from his album “MSTRGLSS“. If there was one word to describe this song, it would be “groovy.” Bari gives us an amazing amount of energy on the track that is highly contagious. We won’t judge you for wanting to dance to this song. “CHUBBY” is one of Bari‘s best songs in his discography, and we thank him for blessing us with this gem!


Intrigue“…. that’s it; that’s the tweet. “Intrigue” is one of Bari‘s best songs that we believe you’ll have on repeat! Produced by Monte Booker, we fell in love with the production alone. However, if that wasn’t enough, Smino also hops on the song and delivers his amazing style and clever wordplay. The first three seconds were already enough to intrigue us! This song cements Bari as a gem within the underground community. The sun is shining on his career, and we cannot wait to see Bari takeoff.

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Stream Bari‘s discography on Spotify & SoundCloud.

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