August Alsina Is Back With A New Album

August Alsina has dealt with a lot. From family tragedies to personal health issue, the artist has seen it all. However, he didn’t let that get in the way of his passion for music.

On June 18th, Alsina announced via Instagram this his documentary “The Rise of August Alsina” would be available to stream on YouTube. The documentary is meant to show Alsina’s personal life and his journey as an artist. Alsina also announced that his album “The Product III: State of Emergency” would be released on June 26th.

The Product III: State of Emergency” highlights all the things in the documentary but in a musical way. With features like Darrel Walls, Tink, Yo Gotti, and Juicy J, the album has a very diversified sound.

The Product III: State of Emergency” is available on all streaming platforms and definitely deserves a listen.

Stream “The Product III: State of Emergency” on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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