Bayou Drops New Single “Alone” For The World

Dubai native singer, Bayou, first hit the scene in 2018 when he dropped his first single “Love Buddy” ft. SANA on SoundCloud. Now accumulating over 9,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Bayou is not only growing his fanbase, but growing a discography as well.

Though he has lots of singles and projects on his SoundCloud like “LIFE OF BAYOU“, “Keep Up“, and “LMK“, the artist released his first Spotify track “Moonlight” in 2019.

On June 19th, Bayou took to Instagram to announce the release of his new single, on all streaming platforms, “Alone“. The song describes, what we know today, a “toxic” relationship. In the words of the artist himself, “Alone” is about his own story when he realized that “the woman he once cherished, manipulated him for her own selfish gain”. Bayou drew a lot of his inspiration from other underground artists like Col3trane and Anfa Rose when creating the unique sound that he has.

Stream “Alone” on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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