Tay Walker Releases Music Video For Heart Wrenching Song “Murder”

Today, we are still participating in the largest civil rights movement in history. While protests for Black Lives are not only swarming the United States, but multiple other countries as well, artists are using their platforms to stand with the movement.

Tay Walker got his debut after being featured on projects with The Internet and Domo Genesis. The singer/songwriter has always valued quality over quantity, and that shows in all of his works. On June 20th, Walker took to Instagram to re-announce the release of one of his newest songs “Murder” from his album “LUX” in celebration of Juneteenth, and also gave a short description about the song and its relations to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Following the post, on June 23rd, Walker announced on Instagram the release of the music video to “Murder“. The video gave a more in depth meaning behind the song and the relationship between Black people, men specifically, and America. Even at the end of music video, Walker inserts a clip of an encounter that he had with a police officer while filming the video. The song is powerful and thought provoking and truly represents the relationship with Black people and America.

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