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How To Effectively Upload Your Music To SoundCloud

Wether you’re a producer, artist, or DJ, SoundCloud is the best platform to build an audience on a small budget. SoundCloud has given many artist a boost into a successful career, and it all starts with uploading your first track. But, there’s steps you have to take before you upload music, and we’re going to show you what those steps are.

1. Open Your SoundCloud Account

Ok, this is probably pretty obvious, but you have to have a SoundCloud account in order to be on SoundCloud. It’ll take less than 15 second to create an account. All you need to do is set up an E-Mail, choose your name, pick your password, and boom. You’re in. Throughout this setup, we’ll be creating an account as if we are Solange knowles, but we obviously aren’t

2. Upload Your Profile & Banner Picture

One of the biggest mistakes happen when artists are choosing a profile picture, unless you’re taking a H.E.R. approach (from her early days), the picture has to be of you. People need to know who they’re listening to so that when they’re on other social media platforms, like instagram or twitter, it’s easy to identify which account is yours. Sometimes a regular degular (get it? Nicki Minaj?Ok) selfie won’t do. Take your time with this picture because that’s what people are going to see every time you post new music. So no, don’t use your favorite picture from Homecoming. When picking your profile picture, it not only has to be you, it has to represent you, as an artist.

Your banner picture should have intention as well. Ideally, you should include all your social media links and a link to your website, if you have one. It should also have your artist name listed as well, just incase you have specific capitalization or punctuation in your name. Examples are SiR, Anderson.Paak, J.I.D., and 6LACK.

We made this banner using Canva. They have plenty of templates for SoundCloud banners or you can make your own! So don’t be afraid of getting a little creative.

3. Add Content & Links To Your Bio

Like everything else your bio is going to represent you as an artist. There’s some people who give a lot of detail, such as where they went to school, if they’re a parent, their favorite snacks, their inspirations. Then there’s others who give you their artist name and genre and then their done. It all depends on the type of artist you are. If you’re always on social media posting 24/7 and allowing people to see your personal life, you may be the talkative bio. However, if you’re more secluded and kind of in your own bubble, you may be getting straight to the point. Since we’re acting as if we are Solange Knowles, our bio is going to be straight to the point.

You also want to provide links to everything. The same information that’s on your banner should be duplicated in your description. People don’t want to have to actually type in your instagram name (I know, lazy), they want to be able to click a link and that link should take them directly to what their looking for. So provide the social media handles in your bio as well. SoundCloud gives you the option of having a custom URL so that it’s not “”, because that’s annoying. You should change the URL so that after the backslash (/) it’s your artist name.

Ok, so we’ve set up a profile. Now let’s get the music rolling.

4. Uploading Music To Your Account

Honestly, it’s pretty straight forward. But there are a few tips and tricks.

Of course you want to title your song because a song with no title is …. ??? Anyways, always be sure to put a title. Just like your profile you can have a custom URL for that as well, for instance, our tracks URL would be , or something similar to that.

When it comes to the Genre it is important that you pick the one that applies to you the most. You don’t want to have an R&B track listed in the Techno category because your simply just not going to gain a following that way. In fact, a techno fan would be highly upset to play your R&B track, no offense.

Now tags! This is the tip and/or trick. ALWAYS place tags in your tracks no matter what the case is. Always hashtag your name, the title of the song, the title of the EP/Album if applicable, the genre, and tags surrounding being an underground artist. Additionally, you’ll want to tag artists that inspired you to create the song. If you’re a rapper and you got inspired by Gunna’s “Gimmick” you may want to tag Gunna and the producer. That way people who listen to Gunna can hear your music and ultimately follow you since the sound is similar.

As far as the description of the song, use the same methods as if this was the description to your profile. If you’re a more open artist, you should go into detail about what the song is about and what inspired you to create it. If you’re more reserved, it could just be the title and/or what album/EP people can find the song on.

Cover art is super important. When people are scrolling through Soundcloud to find some new music, the first thing that catches their eye is the cover art. So make sure it’s creative and eye catching, you can use Canva to create your own cover artwork as well.

The Meta Data & Permissions part of the upload isn’t really something that you can manipulate to get more streams. It’s more so official information like what label published this song, when the song was published, the producer, the songwriter, etc. So this is where you give props to everyone that was involved in the creation of your song. You can, however, use this part of the upload to generate profit. If you want to sell your song to your audience you can add a buy link so that people have to purchase your track in order to download it. In general, you can either disable or enable the download feature regardless of if you’re charging or not.

Whew! and that’s it! This is how you effectively upload your music to SoundCloud to make sure you get as much audience interaction as you can. If you want to learn how to upload music to major streaming platforms like Spotify, TIDAL, or Apple Music, Papertag has an article on how to do that as well called “Streaming Your Music As An Underground Artist”.

Lastly, while in the process of creating this profile, our SoundCloud account gained 5 followers! This just goes to show you how important representation is when creating accounts on media platforms.

We hope this helped and we wish you all the best in your music career!

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