Mahalia’s “BRB” Acoustic Is Soothing To The Soul

Quarantine hasn’t been stopping anyone’s creative flow, and Mahalia is included. This year, Mahalia released a remix of Cam’Ron‘s “What You Did” ft. Ella Mai and was featured on “All I Need” by Jacob Collier with Ty Dollar $ign. She also released an EP “Isolation Tapes”, which is where the original “BRB” was released.

“Isolation Tapes” consisted of 3 tracks, “BRB“, “Plastic Plants“, and “Too Nice“. The entire EP has accumulated over 3.8 million streams on Spotify and is still growing today.

Mahalia announced via Instagram, on June 18th, that “BRB (Acoustic)” would be released on June 19th on all streaming platforms. Due to the original “BRB” being the most streamed track on the “Isolation Tapes” EP, there was an overwhelming amount of support from her followers on Instagram. The track is just as beautiful as the original, but with more intimacy and passion through her vocals.

Stream the acoustic version of “BRB” on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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