Let’s Celebrate! Juneteenth Playlist

On this day in 1865, those who were held captive as slaves in The United States of America were liberated. Though this was 155 years ago, Black people in America are still oppressed and have a severe disadvantage. Black people are also, legally, enslaved by The United States prison system.

We celebrate Juneteenth in a special way this year. Not only for our ancestors who built this country by force, but for the largest civil rights movement in history that is happening today right in our backyards. The energy in the air is different. This year we are being heard and we are fighting until we get the justice we deserve.

As of today, we have been protesting as part of the Black Lives Matter movement for 23 days, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.

This playlist was curated to not only show, but to feel your black pride. However you’re celebrating today, make sure you’re celebrating with black music, black businesses, and as always, black love.

Happy Juneteenth.

Stream the Juneteenth 2020 Playlist on Spotify & SoundCloud.

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