Top 10: Songs by The Internet

Let’s start off with this, The Internet is AMAZING and their entire discography is to die for. We challenged ourselves with picking the Top 10 songs (in no particular order) from their entire discography. It is extremely difficult to do this when thinking about artists with unique talent and versatility, but hey, we did it anyways.

You can either keep scrolling to read about each song or you can watch this fantastic visual that we put together for you all, your choice.

Top 10 | Songs by The Internet

1. Cocaine ft. Left Brain

Album: Purple Naked Ladies/2011

2. Dontcha

Album: Feel Good/2013

3. You Don’t Even Know ft. Tay Walker

Album: Feel Good/2013

4. Shadow Dance

Album: Feel Good/2013

5. Palce/Curse ft. Tyler, The Creator

Album: Ego Death/2015

6. Special Affair

Album: Ego Death/2015

7. Stay The Night

Album: Hive Mind/2018

8. Wanders of The Mind ft. Mac Miller

Album: Feel Good/2013

9. Higher Times

Album: Feel Good/2013

10. Gabby ft. Janelle Monae

Album: Ego Death/2015

That concludes are list! As much as we’d want to include every single song that they have, these are some of the tracks we enjoy the most. Don’t forget to stream their music and follow The Internet on Instagram.

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