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PaperTag Launches Campaign With iFundWomen

PaperTag is a media platform that highlights underground and unsigned artists. Our goal and purpose is to shine a bright light on those who deserve it the most and provide them with a platform to excel. By posting and writing on positive content only, we’ve created a safe space for artists to share their music without the pressures of society. Not only do we create a platform for artists, we’ve also created a platform for freelance journalists and music lovers to write about the topics and artists that they are most passionate about and love the most.

It is very difficult for underground artist to gain a genuine audience. We have platforms like The Shade Room and Baller Alert that capitalizes off of degrading artists, especially those who are black. Multi-million dollar record labels, often ran by white people, paint stereotypical images of their artist to gain immediate exposure. This is a huge problem because once signed, artists loose their ability to create genuine work from the heart for fear of losing their career.

However, Papertag is going to change that. Not only do we share new music and albums released by these artists, we also review music, announce tours, conduct interviews, and support the artists in any way that we can. We also write articles for the artists on how to get music on streaming platforms, how to pitch your work to mainstream platforms like Genius and XXL, and how to copyright/trademark your content.

Currently, we are seeking funding to continue to provide these services on a larger scale.

To find out more information and to donate, click here.


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