Mahogony Hand Presents: Bumpin’ Volume 5

It’s the first of the month, but unfortunately, the joy and excitement that we usually have is not here. As happy as we are to share Volume 5 of Bumpin’ with you all, it is hard to share the energy that we usually have due to the current racial issues we are facing.

However, we hope listening to this playlist will bring ease in this time of trouble. Listen to it while you’re getting dressed to protest on the frontline. Listen to it while you’re sharing resources through social media platforms. Listen to it while you shop for milk to assist those affected by the violence inflicted on citizens by police officers. Or listen to it to make you feel good, even if it’s just for an hour.

Before you listen, we do want to introduce you to our amazing playlist curator for this month, Mahogony Hand.

Hey wassup y’all! My name is Mahogony and I’m from THEE home of Neo-Soul, also known as the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. I really really REALLY LOVE music and I’ve always known music an an entirely different world I can escape to whenever I wanted. I’m open minded when it comes to music and anything that sounds great, you can guarantee that I listen to it. I’m always on the hunt for new and innovative sounds to listen to and to share an I always enjoy plugging people with amazing new artists and sounds that I find! I listen to a lot of different genres and this playlist is curated specifically to draw you in and take you on an emotional musical journey, from the beats to the harmonies to the lyrics! I really hope you enjoy this playlist because it captures the wide range of emotions I personally feel, typically all in one day.

Mahogony Hand

Now that you’ve met our AMAZING playlist curator for this month, go ahead and follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Ready for some new music? Go ahead and stream Bumpin’ Volume 5 on SoundCloud and Spotify. See you next month!

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