The Perfect Playlist to Get You Through Quarantine. Bumpin’ Vol. 3

Ms.Covid19 has been interfering with all the music lovers plans. From tour cancellations to festival rescheduling, it’s been rough out here. It’s even been interfering with new PaperTag content! (tear)

So to ease your pain, we’ve finally released Bumpin’ Vol. 3, and it’s a playlist you don’t want to skip for many reasons. First, because the music selection is fire as always. But also because this will be the last PaperTag curated playlist for the next few months!

Hold on! Bumpin’ is still going to be a monthly playlist, so take a deep breath. For the next few months, Bumpin’ will have guest curators to bring you a different sound and taste every time you hit play.

Ok, now that you’re done stressing, take a listen! As always, Bumpin’ is available to stream on SoundCloud and Spotify so that all of our readers have a chance to enjoy new sounds.

…. Why are you still reading? Push play!

SoundCloud // Spotify

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