Patrick Young Parts Ways From Black Haüs

With their quick jump into popularity, Black Haüs has accomplished so much in the little time that they’ve experienced. From performing at Sofar Sounds – Greensboro to performing in front of a large crowd at AfroPunk 2019, Black Haüs has done it all. But with great success always comes great sacrifice.

On March 14th, Black Haüs took to their group Instagram page to announce that vocalist Patrick Young will be parting ways.

Though the band will continue to operate as usual, creating new music and performing, not much has been said on Patrick’s plans. We’re hoping to see Patrick start his own music journey, as every member in Black Haüs is creative in their own way, hopefully get to peak in to the mind of Patrick Young.

In the meantime, all we can do is wish for the best as Black Haüs and Patrick Young go their separate ways.

How do you feel about the separation? Let us know below.

We’re sad. *sent in invisible ink*

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